The Classifieds section is for those persons wishing to advertise goods for sale or those wishing to buy privately.


We do however try to maintain a set standard for classified advertisements and for this reason will not accept the following type of adverts:
1  Money making schemes and those that rely on income being earned through the introduction of new members to the schemes

2  Pyramid type schemes and 'Get rich quick' schemes. These include passive income, click 'n earn schemes, typing and data entry ads etc.
3  Adverts that do not clearly state the benefits or pitfalls of their products.

4  Adverts which are advertising products or services from overseas and companies outside of South Africa.
5  Adverts which asks for persons to fill in forms and has no contact telephone number and address of the advertiser in South Africa.

6  Sexual and medical adverts or other adverts which are not considered as suitable to the standards set by VT Info

7  Non standard rate SMS adverts

8  Reseller adverts. These include on-line jobs, forex trading, gold coast resorts, seatrade, austal, spectrum on line, etc.


Advertisers PLEASE NOTE!

Adverts selling products should include persons contact tel number and address / area. Your advert may be deleted if this is not done!

Please limit the number of adverts for goods/services offered, to a maximum of three ads per week.


VT Info reserve the right to reject/remove any adverts without notice to the advertiser


VT Info or any of its staff do not accept any liability for the correctness of information or adverts on the site. Please read our general conditions, disclaimer and privacy statement on the front page of the website.