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The team behind VT Info is a diverse group of people who are concerned that the Vaal Triangle is very poorly represented on the World Wide Web.  We are attempting to redress this by providing a website to show our region’s wealth of diversity.


Home to almost a million people, the Vaal Triangle is a heady mix of heavy industry coupled with touristic pleasures.  With so much to offer, our district needs to be elevated and placed firmly back on the map.  Our efforts are directed at promoting this region’s industry, business, tourism, history and people.  We believe there is a great story to be told about the Vaal Triangle and to this end, we actively encourage public participation through contributions, suggestions and viewpoints that will help this site grow.


We are living in an information age, where the Internet is the greatest repository of information the world has ever known.  The Internet has accelerated our pace of learning, changed the way we do business, facilitated communications and collaborations beyond our geographic borders, and has reshaped our world in a very short period of time.  Promotion of the Internet within the Vaal Triangle is thus equally central to this site’s purpose as is the promotion of the Vaal Triangle region itself.


Where does VT Info fit into all this? We would like to be a contributing force for change in how this electronic communications medium - with its global reach - is utilised in the Vaal Triangle.  Websites are an extremely effective and a relatively cheap way of advertising company products, services or processes.  The use of websites to inform, promote or publish is only limited by the imagination.  The continuous lowering of Internet access costs has created an explosion of Internet usage resulting in the Internet becoming increasingly used for the search and dissemination of information.  It has become important if not essential for all organisations and businesses to have an Internet presence. With this in mind, we are providing a number of free services (business listings, tourism listings, classified advertising) for the businesses and community in the Vaal.  For those companies who wish to advertise their presence on the internet in a more effective manner, we also offer very affordable web advertising and website hosting services.


The 20th century saw the Vaal Triangle become an Industrial powerhouse due its location on the Vaal River and its vast deposits of coal.  Attracted by these resources, electricity power stations and water purification stations were built, steel industries and engineering firms emerged, synthetic fuels and chemicals were manufactured.  Primary and secondary industries thrived and the local population prospered.  The dawning of the 21st century saw a radical change in the industrial landscape. The opening of our markets to international competition forced local industries to streamline their processes and shed jobs to become competitive in this new global environment.  Attracting inward investment and generating employment alternatives have become imperative.  The industries that once served us so well can no longer be relied upon solely for our future prosperity.  We at VT Info fervently hope that the Internet and its associated technologies will be embraced locally to ease us out of the industrial age into the knowledge-based information age.




                           There’s a brave new world out there, so come and join us and be part of it!

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