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Childline South Africa

Child Welfare South Africa has an infrastructure consisting of a national coordinating body, 263 member organisations and outreach projects in un-serviced and under-serviced communities, and is the largest non-profit, non-governmental and volunteer driven organization in the country providing child protection services.

SA National Council for Child Welfare


Johannesburg Child Welfare Society

Services Johannesburg and broader community and offers services to abandoned, abused and neglected children. Also facilitates adoption and foster care.

Childline gives assistance from trained counsellors for abused children, young people and their families. It is a not-for-profit organisation committed to developing appropriate social and supportive therapeutic social services for children who have been victims of violence, and their families. Childline is also committed to education and awareness raising programmes facilitating the prevention of violence against children.


Police Child Protection Units

The Police Child Protection Units investigate violent crimes against children and offer specialised services to child victims of crime.


Children in Crises