Advertising a business has always been difficult, especially for the small to medium sized businesses. This Business Directory is an attempt to list ALL businesses in the Vaal Triangle, no matter how big or small.

Although, to date, we have many thousands of listings on our records, the list is, unfortunately, by no means complete as there are always new businesses that are opening and existing businesses that are moving premises or closing down. To enable us to give you the best possible service, we ask that should you notice any errors or find that a particular number is not valid or if you know of a new business that has opened, to please let us know the details via e-mail. In this way, we can quickly update our records, thus ensuring that this 'Business Listing' section is of true value to both Companies and the general public..

Instant Access ...... Instant Information...... Instant Changes

As an additional service to those Companies wishing to give the public more information concerning their business, we do offer various advertising facilities at rates which are far lower than other advertising media. For further details please click on the advertising services menu.

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