Personnel Agencies
Monyetla Services Pty Ltd
Vesco Centre Telford Blvd
MSM Construction & Labour Hire
12 Russels Bldg President
Kruger St Vanderbijlpark
P S N Employment Services
Ekspa Bldg Attie Fourie St
Civic Centre Vanderbijlpark
People's Personnel
Glen Ashley, Durban
Pienaar, Makola @ Associates Labour Consultancy
22 Hobson Singel St, Sasolburg
Pioneer Placements
14 4th Avenue, Newton Park,
Port Elizabeth
Prime Care Placements
77 Romney Ave, Chartwell,
Primeserve Outsourcing
2 Kotkin House 102 Verwoed St
Pro Force Labour
2 Leslie St, Vereeniging
QLF Labour Projects
6 Faraday centre, Faraday
Blvd, Vanderbijlpark
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