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Sasol created a specially designated company, Sasol Infrachem, with a R2 billion plus annual budget, to abstract river water, treat sewage, purify effluent and even reticulate electricity at cost price. In effect, it has become an industrial municipality for Sasolburg’s community and for other industries in the area. It is also involved in rejuvenation of the local area and promotes entrepreneurship in the local Zamdela township.
Other large companies in the area around Sasolburg include:

Karbochem (a division of Dow Sentrachem) which manufactures and distributes synthetic rubbers, mining chemicals, agricultural and industrial chemicals.

Omnia Fertilizer which produces around a third of all fertilizer consumed in South Africa. The factory is also a major producer of explosive and chemical materials for other companies in the Omnia Group.

Dow Plastics (a division of Dow Chemicals) which is one of the largest transnational chemical companies in the world, producing a range of products from agricultural chemicals to resins, plastics, rubbers, detergents, ammonia, and chlorine-based chemicals and speciality chemicals.

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