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Choosing a Master of Ceremonies
The toasts and speeches at the reception can be one of the highlights of the whole wedding day.  One of the keys to making the day a success is by having a good Master Of Ceremonies (MC).  He (or she) must coordinate the whole event from the time of arrival of the first guests until the final statement following the departure of the bride and groom.


Selecting a person for the job may not be easy.  It calls for someone who is witty and charming, enjoys being in the limelight and is confident in telling a few jokes in front of a crowd.  Besides these qualities, the MC has to stay in control and remember exactly what is going on, as it is up to him (or her) to give everyone their cue in the order of the reception.  This includes introducing the speakers, announcing the cutting of the cake, the throwing of the garter and any other event that may take place right up to the time when the bride and groom leave.


If you do not know anyone who is confident enough for the job, you can always rely on the expertise of a professional MC.  The local toastmasters clubs may be able to assist or you can ask the reception venue if they have someone on the staff that can carry out this task.

Master of Ceremonies

Duties of the MC

Some of the major duties of the Master of Ceremonies include:
directing guests to the refreshment area.
directing any special guests to their reserved tables.
announcing the dinner seating after the receiving line has welcomed all guests.
welcoming the guests on behalf of the bride and groom and announcing the serving of dinner.
introducing the person who will say grace.
following dinner, introducing the members of the head table to the guests.
introducing the person who will be giving the toast to the bride.
proposing the toast to the groom's parents.
inviting any further toasts following the reply of the groom's father.

calling upon the best man to read any telegrams or messages.
relaying, on behalf of the bride and groom, any special words of thanks.
introducing any out-of-town guests, or if there are many, an introduction of the special out-of town guests, with a general acknowledgement of all others.
announcing the cutting of the cake by the bride and groom.
announcing the bride and groom's first dance, with the invitation for others to join in after its completion.
announcing the tossing of the bouquet.
announcing the departure of the bride and groom.

Toasts & Speeches