Vaal Triangle History

Peace Negotiations

William Stow

1939 - 1945

Vereeniging Estates


Vaal Dam

Klip Power Station



1899 - 1902



Transport Rider's Convoy
George William Stow
Brick 'n tile
The last coach
Peace Treaty talks
Otto Brandmuller
Katzen's store
 Opening the temporary railway bridge over the Vaal River
 Boer War Soldiers on their way to the Front
 Bridge blown by retreating Boers
Sammy Marks
Thomas Nicolas Leslie


The information in this article was compiled by Norman Acton - last update 2008.

1857  A ferry service opens for goods to be transported across the Vaal River
1878  George William Stow discovers coal on the banks of the Vaal River
1880  The company ‘De Zuid Afrikaansche en Oranje Vrijstaatsche Kolen en Mineralen Vereeniging’ formed

1882  March.  George William Stow died.
1882  July.  The Volksraad’s executive council approved township plans and named the town Vereeniging.
1890  The first bricks were manufactured from clay deposits found beneath the coal seams on the banks of the Vaal River.
1891  Thomas Nicolas Leslie opens a stone quarry on the banks of the Klip River.
1892  A mail service commences by ‘Cape cart or coach’ between Johannesburg and Vereeniging.
1892  First erven of ground sold by auction in Vereeniging.
1892  First train crosses the Vaal River from Bloemfontein to Johannesburg.
1893  Otto Brandmuller begins the afforestation of Maccauvlei.
1894 January.  The Post and Telegraph office established.
1894  The first fire-bricks produced at Brick n Tile in Vereeniging.
1895  A private school established in Vereeniging.
The customs house at Viljoensdrift closed and re-opened as a liquor store.
1895 Dec 29. Thousands of panic-stricken people fled from Johannesburg to Vereeniging and across the Vaal River to the safety of the Free State after the Jameson Raid.
1897  Sammy Marks registered the The Vereeniging Estates Limited.
1900 May.  The Vaal River bridge was blown up by the retreating Boers.  British take over Vereeniging.
1902 May 15th.  Peace talks began on the Vereeniging Refractories property in Vereeniging.
1902 May 31st.  The ‘Treaty of Vereeniging’ was signed in Pretoria.
1904  Vereeniging’s first recorded fire at Katzen’s store.
1904 August.  The Vereeniging Urban District Board elevated in status to a minor municipality.

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