Vaal Triangle History

Peace Negotiations

William Stow

1939 - 1945

Vereeniging Estates


Vaal Dam

Klip Power Station



1899 - 1902



Market Hall
Vaal Dam wall
McKinnon Chain
Fire Station
Vereeniging Hospital - 1966
Zuikerbosch Purification Station
 Sharpeville Police Station
Klip Power Station
 Taiibos and Highveld power stations


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1934  Hospital Building erected at a cost of £18 000.
1934  South Africa’s first national flying race held at the Vereeniging Flying Club.
1936  Klip Power Station erected at Redan.

1936 August 29. Vereeniging aerodrome opened.
1937  Vereeniging town supplied with water from Rand Water.
1937  Vaal Dam completed.
1937  McKinnon Chain and African Cables establish factories in Vereeniging.
1938  Vereeniging’s first traffic officer appointed.
1939  The first Fire-Engine purchased and a fire station shed built
1939  An agriculture and implement factory, Safim (later to become Massey-Ferguson), was established.
1941  Vanderbijlpark founded with the construction of the first plate mill.
1942  Thomas Nicolas Leslie died.
1944  Suburb of Three Rivers proclaimed.
1945 Anglo American takes over Vereeniging Estates.
1945  A separate department for non-European affairs is formed.
1945  Vaal power station built.
1945  A separate department for non-European affairs formed.
1953  The present steel railway bridge was built over the Vaal.
1954  Taiibos power station built.

1954  Rand Water's  Zuikerbosch purification  and pumping station brought into  operation.
1958  A new Abbatoir built at Leeuwkuil.
1959 August.  The market was moved to Leeuwkuil
1959  Highveld, the last of five power stations was built.
1960 March 12. Massacre at Sharpeville where 86 were killed and 180 wounded.
1960  The Vereeniging hospital in Duncanville opened in October
1966  Construction of houses in the ‘Indian Township’ of Roshnee begins.

1966  The Vereeniging Museum was opened in October 1966

1966  A new Vereeniging hospital was opened in October 1966.

1988  FW de Klerk bridge over the Vaal River opened.

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