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Vereeniging History

councillors in the history of the town's local government. The first, Mrs. A. M. Oosthuizen, served on the Council from 1934 to 1945, and in 1951 Mrs. E. A. Amm was elected. She remained a councillor until 1954.
  When Aaron Berkowitz presented his budget to Council in 1923, he estimated that municipal revenue would be a little less than £30,000. He was uncertain of the amount the town's 220 consumers of electricity would contribute to revenue. However, when Skippie Botha, chairman of the management committee, presented the Council's budget in 1967, he had estimated that revenue would exceed R6 million; and part of the amount would be contributed by Vereeniging's 9,351 electricity consumers. Among the items of expenditure was a sum of R250,000 for the maintenance and development of parks and play­grounds.
  Otto Brandmuller would have observed with immense satisfaction the tree clad river banks of the Vaal and the Klip today. Van Riebeeck Park on the Transvaal bank of the Vaal is a centre for boating and in its precincts are located the Rowing Club and the Canoe Club ... and a thriving boat building industry. Maccauvlei's 18 hole championship golf course is situated on the Free State bank opposite. At the boat stage a range of craft are available for hire and motor launches convey tourists on the river's wide expanses
between banks overhung with drooping willows. The broad watercourse of the Vaal is much used for speedboat racing and waterskiing; the river was the venue for the 1966 European Waterski Championships. The Vaal, in the vicinity of the town, is renowned as an inland fishing ground.
  A short distance downstream lies Dickinson Park, mecca for caravaners, endowed with its own children's zoo; while upstream from Van Riebeeck Park will be found the 18 hole golf course of the Vereeniging Country Club. Beyond the golf course the Klip meets the Vaal and at the confluence is situated picturesque Vosloo Park. Further up the Klip is Van Eeden Park, the fourth of Vereeniging's riverside playgrounds. Beyond Van Eeden Park lies the Dick Fourie Stadium, mecca for soccer, cricket and athletics.
  Centrally situated in the town area is the municipal swimming pool set in gardens and lawns, and opposite the paddling pool a miniature amusement park has been provided for children. President Park, two blocks west of Market Square, has its own swimming pool and children's playground; and fields have been laid out for rugby. At Lewis Park, the town's hockey teams clash and players vie for game and set on the park's tennis courts.
  Sport has always played an important part in the life of    
A winter scene on the banks of the Vaal River in Dickinson Park.
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Power boat race on the Vaal River
Dickinson Park in winter
The start of the Rand Daily Mail's annual power boat race run over a 100 mile circuit on the Vaal River.
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