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Vereeniging History

Railway Street in 1903. The Grand Hotel is on the extreme left
Board on the 23rd instant, Mr. Alfred Stahmer and Dr. Marshall were appointed, subject to the approval of the Administrator, Secretary and Sanitary Inspector to the Vereeniging Health Board. These gentlemen are prepared to accept salaries of £3 and £5 a month respectively". Stahmer was the magis­trate's clerk.
  In October, 1903, the Lieutenant-Governor of the Transvaal in his Proclamation No. 51 of 1903, raised the Board's status to that of an Urban District Board, with an elected Council of seven members. The first meeting of the new Board was held on November 23, 1903, under the chairmanship of W. R. Wilson. The other four members to attend were T. N. Leslie, J. Torrance, M. Patlansky and a member named Heimm. A four member ordinance committee was formed as well as a finance committee, a streets and public places and building committee, and a public health and assize committee, each with three members. Stahmer's salary was increased to
£10 a month.
  In the absence of suitable offices, all the Board's meetings were held in the Courthouse, and at the fifteenth ordinary  meeting of the Vereeniging Urban District Board held on May 10, 1904, a resolution was passed appointing Alfred Stahmer to the "permanent position of Town Clerk" at a salary of £30 a month.
  On August 26 of that year, under section 3 of the Municipal Corporation Amendment Ordinance No. 41 of 1904, the Urban District Board was elevated in status to that of a minor municipality, and the number of members was increased to nine.
  The new Council, which retained the same committees, held its first meeting in the following month, and those who attended were the chairman, T. N. Leslie, J. Torrance, M. Patlansky, A. H. Rogers, E. R. Gibbon and P. Delaney. Later, in 1912, Vereeniging was to become a major municipality.
1904 Katzen's Store was gutted in one of the first fires recorded in Vereeniging.
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Railway Street
Market Avenue
Market Avenue before the street was tarred in 1934
Katzen's store
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