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Afrox is the largest full-spectrum gases business in Africa, with a continuous history as a corporate entity that dates back to the 1920s. 2007 saw Afrox turn eighty years of age, a year that marked a renewal process that will ensure the business is properly positioned to remain a leader in gases, manufactured gas equipment and welding consumables. It also marked the first full year of majority ownership by The Linde Group, itself a combination of two world-class gases companies, Linde and BOC.

Afrox's products and services form part of most manufacturing, industrial and construction processes. With its African operations, Afrox is the largest gases and welding company in sub-Saharan Africa.

The company’s gases and products are used in everything from the production of iron and steel to the manufacture of motor vehicles and high quality industrial ceramics. Afrox’s gases are used for freezing and chilling, food preparation, in fire extinguishers and water purification, deodorant and insecticide propellants, refrigerators, air-conditioning systems, in most restaurants, pubs and hotels, and even for inflating balloons.

Afrox’s welding products are equally popular. Virtually every piece of metal worked in southern Africa is welded, brazed or cut using Afrox electrodes, wires, gas cutting equipment and machines. Globally, an increasing number of the company’s locally manufactured products are being marketed in Europe, South East Asia and Australasia through the Afrox’s parent, The Linde Group, one of the largest gases and engineering companies in the world.


1966 New offices opened in Vanderbijlpark.

1987 Two oxygen plants erected at ISCOR at a cost of R100 million.

1997 CO2 plant commissioned at Sasol.

Product Range


Industrial grade gases and gas mixtures supplied in cylinders or minitanks, dewars or as bulk by road tanker.
High purity & medical grade gases and gas mixtures. Specialised gases and gas mixtures. Dry Ice.

The design, development, assembly, installation, commissioning and servicing of: Cryogenic and non-cryogenic gas systems for all industrial applications.

industrial grade gases, gas mixtures, gas cylinders, minitanks, dewars, gas road tanker, high purity gases, medical grade gases, dry ice, cryogenic gas systems, non-cryogenic gas systems, helium, refrigerants, fire suppression, industrial gas equipment