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Malesela Taihan Electric Cable

Product Range


On the 15th November 1911, Horace Wright and Sammy Marks set in motion what was then the beginning of South Africa's own industrial revolution with the registration of The Union Steel Corporation of SA Ltd (Usco). Scrap steel was used to cast South Africa’s first steel product on the 1st September 1913.


In 1925 a major development occurred when the corporation began the construction of the wire works on a new site in Peacehaven, near the Klip River. The new wire works was named the Klip Works. The wire works was completed in 1927 and in the same year, it was announced that the Government intended to establish a steelworks (Iscor) in Pretoria. It was feared that the Government sponsored steelworks would destroy the Vereeniging Usco in competition for the steel market in South Africa. The crisis was resolved when Iscor acquired the controlling interest in Usco and agreed that the future role of Usco would be to produce special steels and products.


During the world-wide depression of the early 1930’s, the corporation began to manufacture new production lines. A number of developments including the manufacture of hollow drill steel at the Klip Works and the production of copper conductors and strip products to the engineering and power supply companies have contributed to the success of the company.


The latter part of the 1960’s saw further product advancement in the manufacture of overhead aluminium conductors, primarily for Eskom’s power network. Dynamic growth saw a PVC and XLPE cable plant erected during the early 1970’s and a stainless steel wire plant in the early 1980’s. During 1991 the steel and vanadium divisions were incorporated into Iscor’s activities and Usco only remained active in the non-ferrous markets. In mid 1998 Usco was sold to Malesela Investment Holdings.


In order to become a world class manufacturer, the company decided to join hands with one of the worlds leading power and telecommunications cable manufacturers, Taihan Electric Wire Co., Ltd based in Seoul, Korea. The new jointly owned company headed by a Korean CEO, was renamed Malesela Taihan Electric Cable (Pty) Ltd in 2000.

Malesela Taihan Electric Cable range of products are: copper products; wire, strip, contact wire and conductor; cable products; fibre optic cable; low voltage PVC cable; medium and high voltage XLPE cable; PVC welding cable; battery cable and aerial bundled conductor; aluminium products.

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