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Formally announce your engagement by having both families meet.  Send announcements of your engagement to your fiancé’s and your local newspapers.
Type of Wedding
Every young girl dreams of a white wedding at sometime during her life, but with the diverse cultures in South Africa, many people are moving away from the traditional ‘white wedding’.  There are many types of wedding which you may wish to consider.  How about a garden wedding or a mystery reception? Or perhaps you may wish to introduce some African culture into your wedding.  Then again, you may want to do something completely different such as a fancy dress reception, a reception on a boat on the river, or perhaps use a theme like ‘Pirates of Penzance’ or ‘Phantom of the Opera’.
Remember: Ideas are boundless.
There are a number of factors which could change your planned wedding date and time: the availability of the Minister or officiating officer, family, special friends, or the church or wedding venue.  Be aware that school holidays and public holidays may be a time when many of your family and friends take their leave.  It may also be a difficult period to book that special accommodation you have always dreamed about.  And don’t forget to check that your work schedule will allow you to take time off for the planned date and the honeymoon.

Budget concerns may make a morning wedding more suitable, or if you do choose an afternoon wedding make sure that there is enough daylight after the wedding ceremony for those special photographs.

Setting the date and time
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