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It really is true! You really are getting married.  But it still seems so far away.  Now is the time to sit down and see what is really happening.  There are still the flowers, the photography, the cake and oh so many other things to plan.  But who is doing what? If you are lucky enough to have some talented family members or close friends who can give the professional service you want, then that’s great.  But beware asking your great aunt to ice your cake or your uncle (who loves pottering in the garden) to do the flowers or your older brother to show off his new digital camera.  Yes, they may well be disappointed that you haven’t asked for their help but you really do need professional people for these tasks.
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Tasks to do and tasks to leave to the professionals
Just take a moment to catch your breath and look at the things you can do.  And think about why are you doing them? If it’s personal gifts which you want to make as a thank you for being part of your special day, or something small which will show off your handicraft talent, then that’s great.  If it’s purely to save you money, then make sure you have the time to do them.  You’ll be surprised to find that some projects might even be cheaper if you let the experts do them.  And the last thing you want is to be rushing around the week before your wedding trying to finish off those little extras you took on!


Listed below are those tasks you can do, and those that should be left to the professionals.

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Wedding Tasks to do yourself

Church flowers

Wedding Favours

Simple Floral and Candle Centerpieces

Small personal gifts for the guests.

Flower girl basket

Bridal Hair and Make-up

A decorated guest book, card box, photo album, or other keepsake

Ring Pillow