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Time for a family meeting to discuss where you stand with your planning.  You have filed all those brochures, made notes, compared prices and developed a record-keeping system for invitations, gifts, and thank-you notes.  You should have a good idea who you will be using to provide the services for your wedding and how it compares to your budget.  If you have not yet confirmed any of the service providers, now is time to make those final decisions.
Planning Review
Guest List - Final
You have agonised over the guest list for the past few months.  Now it’s decision time.  This is, in many cases, a decision that has to be made with your fiancé and both sets of parents.  Often, the parents will want to invite some of their friends who have known the family for many years.  Yes, even that dreadful aunt who no-one really likes! Respect their wishes - especially if they are paying.
Is it a morning wedding with lunch or an afternoon wedding with an evening meal? Or have you decided to let the family and friends do the catering for you.

Catering is probably the biggest expense of the wedding and may contribute to over 50% of your total wedding costs.  The costs may include the food, beverages, kitchen staff, waiters, rentals, the decorations and flowers, hiring of equipment etc.

Invitations – Design and Printing

If you have decided on the décor and colour theme of the wedding, you should consider bringing these into your invitations.  Try to keep the same theme for all your printed material – ie invitations, thank you cards, menus, personalised ribbons etc.  Confirm quantity of invitations with printer.

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