The photograph (opposite) depicts a scene adjacent to the town of Vereeniging. The banks of the river are lined on either side with willow trees planted by Otto Brandmuller, the horticulturist for the Vereeniging Estates Forestry Department, at the turn of the century. A number of pleasure boats have been specially constructed for the Company for the purpose of hire by residents and visitors.
 Willow trees line the banks of the Vaal River
Vaal River
One of the greatest needs in South Africa is the improvement of the roads and of transport facilities. The Union Government is constructing a road bridge across the Vaal River at Vereeniging which will greatly improve the means of communication between the properties of the Company situate in the Orange Free State and the Transvaal, and this road will prove a main artery from the south to Johannesburg and Pretoria. The photograph (opposite) shows the masonry piers and embankments already completed; the bridge will be finished within a few months at a total cost of £22,250.
The Maccauvlei Forest can be seen in the distance.
 Road bridge across the Vaal River
On the farm 'Leeuwkuil', an irrigation scheme has been completed, the area immediately available for irrigation being 800 acres.
 Irrigation scheme on the farm 'Leeuwkuil'

Water is lifted from the Vaal River by electrically driven pumps capable of delivering two million gallons every 24 hours into the Leeuwkuil Dam which holds forty million gallons. The water gravitates from the dam onto the land. The area chosen is particularly suited to closer settlement, being only two miles distant from the town of Vereeniging. The intention is to divide the land into 10 to 15 acre plots which will be offered to suitable tenants.

Other irrigation schemes are in contemplation along the 40 miles of river frontage possessed by the Company.

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