The power station upstream of 'Leslie's" weir
 Victoria Falls and Transvaal Power Company's Electric Generating Station

The Power Station was erected at Vereeniging in 1911 for the purpose of generating electric power for transmission to the Gold Mines on the Witwatersrand, 45 miles distant.
The plant consists of four Turbine Generators (Capacity : 43,200 KW.'s = 58,000 H.P.) and 20 Babcock & Wilcox Marine Type Boilers, fitted with chain grate stokers. The three phase alternating current is generated at 5,000 volts, and stepped up to 85,000 volts for transmission to the Witwatersrand Goldfields where it is conveyed by overhead transmission cables, and there stepped down to 40,000 and 20,000 volts for distribution to the Gold Mines and other consumers.


The whole of the coal burnt at this Station is supplied from the Cornelia Colliery of the Vereeniging Estates Ltd. On an average working day as much as 1,400 tons of coal are burnt. During the year 1920, 437,400 tons of coal from Cornelia colliery were consumed by this Station and in the same year, 300,000,000 units of electric current were delivered into the high tension transmission lines. The cooling water for condensing purposes is taken from the Vaal River adjoining the Power Station.


The photographs show the Victoria Falls and Transvaal Power Company's Electric Generating Station (top right), and the Vereeniging Estates Company's Weir for the conservation of water in the river (opposite), with the Railway Bridge across the river in the distance.


The Capital of the Victoria Falls and Transvaal Power Company Ltd. is: £1,000,000 in Ordinary Shares of £1 each; £2,000,000 in 6% Cumulative Preference Shares of £1 each; £3,000,666 in 5% First Mortgage Debentures; £1,372,485 in 5.5% Second Mortgage Debentures.

The Victoria Falls & Transvaal Power Company Ltd

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