Vereeniging Milling Company works
The Vereeniging Milling Company
The Works of the Vereeniging Milling Company have been erected at a cost of about £85,000. They are equipped with Grain Elevators - which are the first erected in the Transvaal - and are operated by electrical power. These Grain Elevators have a capacity of 12,000 bags of grain per day.

The plant also comprises a complete milling equipment, degerminators, and the most modern machinery for the extraction and refining of maize oil.

A steam driven complete Threshing Outfit at work on the Estates. The maize crop is harvested in July when the weather is always fine and dry, and therein South Africa possesses a great advantage over other maize producing countries, as its maize is free from moisture and does not need to be artificially dried.
 Steam driven threshing machine

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