Brick Works
Pipe Works
Vereeniging Brick and Tile Company Ltd
The Vereeniging Brick and Tile Company employs 27 white men and 500 natives. Their chief products are building bricks, paving and Klompje bricks, fire bricks and fire clay goods, salt glazed stoneware pipes and fittings for sewerage schemes, agricultural drain tiles, silica and magnesite bricks, roofing tiles, floor tiles, insulators, wine jars, acid jars and acid proof ware.

The necessary clays for the manufacture of all goods are found upon the property of the Vereeniging Estates, in practically inexhaustible quantities, and of the highest quality. The Company's Works are served by their own branch railway lines and locomotive.
The photograph (above) shows part of the Brick Works possessing 19 kilns with an output capacity of 750,000 bricks per month.  Large contracts have been fulfilled with the more important Municipalities and Public Bodies throughout South Africa. The roofing tiles on the Union Government Buildings and Railway Station in Pretoria were supplied by this Company.

The photograph (left) gives a view of the Pipe Works, where there are 15 down draught kilns. These Works are specially laid out for the manufacture of pipes and fittings for sewerage schemes and sanitary ware.

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