Vereeniging Railway Station
Vereeniging forms an important junction on the main line of the South African Railways from Cape Town, which passes through the principal towns of the Union to Vereeniging and thence on to Johannesburg, Pretoria and Rhodesia. This line traverses the heart of the Estates for a distance of 15 miles and enters Johannesburg via the important mining town of Germiston and thence through the chief mining district of the Eastern Witwatersrand. A branch line also runs from Vereeniging to Johannesburg via Langlaagte and thence through the Western Witwatersrand mining area.
  Sir William Hoy, the General Manager of the South African Railways, in his report for the year ended 31st March, 1918, says: "Of special interest in the enormous development in traffic at Vereeniging in consequence of the expansion of the Iron and Steel Works and other industries there, 533 657 tons of goods were handled at that station in 1917, an increase of 99 062 tons compared with the previous year."

The increased tonnages since handled are as follows;
1920   638 997 tons
1921   325 142 tons (6 months: Jan to June)

 Vereeniging Railway Station
 Viljoens Drift Railway Station
Viljoens Drift Railway Station
Viljoens Drift Railway Station (opposite) is on the Orange Free State bank of the Vaal River. The Company's own siding from its Cornelia Colliery links up here and thence the coal is distributed to the consuming centres. Viljoens Drift is also the railway centre for the transport to markets of the produce of the surrounding extensive agricultural district.
  Fruit from the Company's orchards, timber from its forests and grain from the Estates, are despatched from this station.
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